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The firm agricultural "La Collina Incantata" of Balloriani Amelio is an individual enterprise to family management.

Geographicals sign:


The ownership is situated in road Pieve near of the Roman rests, it is inserted in the hills

of the town of St. Severino Marche.

The Pieve region is far 1.5 km from the inhabited center of St. Severino Marche. In these zones the predominant crops are: cereals, forage, olive and vine. The agrarian landscape of this zone one is like to all the Marche region, and it you has constituted from characteristic vegetation of the mountainous chain of the Appennino Marchigiano, in which the sporadic zones of stain mediterranean alternates to the cultivated slopes.


The sour has connected to the big traffic through the provincial road that it connects the center of St. Severino Marche with Macerata and near15 Km from the speedway (ex SS 77 with Tolentino exit); the other principal artery is the provincial road 502 it connects the center of St. Severino Marche with that of Cingoli; between the centers of notable tourist esteem, we find St. Severino Marche, surrounded from beauties landescape therefore what the archaeological zone of Roman situated epoch in the Pieve place and the Picena Necropolis to near of Pitino, the Castle of Pitino, the Castle of St. Severino Marche, and the Archaeological museum realized from the commune of St. Severino Marche, the town gallery, as well the landscape naturalistic present that spaces from the chain of the Sibillini Mountains to Saint Vicino Mount to the Conero Mount and the adriatic coast.


Other centers not of small importance what: Cingoli, Tolentino, Treia and Macerata. The firm object of her foresees relationship it reverts in territory of the Montana Community of St. Severino Marche to a height on the level of the sea of 280 m., it enjoys of a good hit of eye and a panoramic view on the whole valley of the Potenza river, proper position also for a predictable development of the activity agritourism in whose direction is equipping us.

Company presentation:


It's firm since the years '60 has always stayed in the cultivation of kind olives diffused native in the zone, like Piantone of Mogliano and Orbetana favorite from his hilly and from the composition of the ground prevalently sandy. The Mr. Balloriani Amelio has begun helping his father Gino in the management's firm already from same years and any have engaged the property from May 01 2008. Impassioned to the world olives that according to the holder is what hit you has more perspectives than development and commercial thank you to the production of oil extra virgin of quality and of monovarietal.


It in the complete ten years has stayed planted around 400 plants of olives having a preference for the local varieties like Piantone of Mogliano, Orbetana and Coroncina without disdain the national Leccino and Frantoio, in more for passion and dear, there are presents many other local and not variety like Ascolana, Canine, Carolea, Itrana, Mignola, Nostrale of Rigali, Piantone of Falerone, Pendolino, etc. and still if they will plant some.


From the 2005 l` firm is subdued to systems of biological cultivation.

The titular Balloriani Amelio has frequented courses of specialization in worth to the pruning olives, to the pruning of the other fruits, taste oil of olive and to the management of didactic farms, engaging an acquaintance and a such specialization from to follow the whole discourse of the olive oil sector from the field, to the transformation, to the marketing with own label of Extravergine Oil of olives.

Our products:


Oil of Olive extra virgin of superior gotten category directly from the olives and entirely by means of mechanical procedures.

Our olives picked early to hand thank you they to a timely squeezing with crushers to continuous cycle confer the oil characteristics organoleptic that makes a true extra virgin of olive it.

Available besides, oils monovarietal of:


"Orbetana" bitter and prickly particularly proper oil for toast bread, meats to the grate, soups.


"Piantone of Mogliano" sweet and yielded oil, fit for the feeding of the children, fish, salads and white meats.


Bottles from L.0.25 are manufactured, from L.0,50, from L.0.75 and cans from L. 5.00 allow manufactures mignon for gadget, homages, etc.



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